Caramelle Fallani dal 1926

Read the following answers and maybe your question has already been asked, in case it is not present, do not hesitate to contact me.

Can I personalize also the pack?

Sure! Please contact us via telephone or email if you need further information

I want a different flavor from the ones in the lists

You can write down the requested flavor in the specific blank area, right after the list

how many candies in 1kg?

it depends on the shape, the squared candies weight approx. 4.5g, the oval ones approx. 3.4g, the round ones approx. 1.2g, the stick shaped ones approx. 5.20g

I would like my candies to be without allergens

We can produce candies without any allergen, for specific information you can contact us with telephone or e-mail.

What does it means: “Organic with alternative sugars”?

These are candies made without “Saccharose”, in their production we use, f.e. Rice syrup and Agave syrup, by the way they cannot be defined “Sugarfree”.

What does it means “Cooking with direct fire”? Why it is better?

the cooking with open fire is our “Badge”; it’s the most traditional way of production for candies and it allows the sugar to release all its natural flavor

I want My own unique product!

We are always at your disposal to develop a different product

how many days for having my personalized product?

it really depends on the kind of personalization, you should consider at least 21 working days

Are you able to make products with our raw materials?

Surely, but before sending your raw we need to receive your datasheets and your analysis certificates

What is your minimum of production?

We request: 25kg for traditional candies, 50kg for a sugarfree one or an organic one. Consider that this minimum may vary depending on the requested pack.

What does it means “IFS Certification”?

It’s a worldwide quality standard