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Fallani candies, an all-Italian goodness. The article on

Pubblicato il 30/10/21

The Fallani candies, an all-Italian sweetness in the heart of Tuscany. The small company of the Fallani family, Caramelle Fallani, began the production of barley candies, produced almost exclusively on the back of Florentine pharmacies over the various decades, the success of which led them to enlarge the small factory, located in a shed, buying other machines and hiring new staff.

Engaged in the production and distribution of candies as my grandmother made them on the marble of her kitchen, melting honey and more and creating rectangular candies. Mindful of the ancient uses, the Fallani family began to produce hard mint made with cooked sugar, manipulated so as to be pliable in their hands, thus creating imaginative compositions such as sticks or twists, which they then sold at fairs and owner's parties on small stalls.


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