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Frequently asked questions

Where is the factory located?

The factory is located In Tuscany, in the industrial area of Empoli in the province of Florence.

Do you have any certifications?

Yes. IFS Food Certificate and Organic Certificate. Our certificates are available for download from the site.

Do you make custom-made products and for a third party? How long does it take to develop a custom-made product ?

Yes, we specialize in product customization and we work for third party production. Production times may vary depending on the custom work. Approximately 21 working days are needed for an ad hoc product.

Do you have any catalogue ?

Yes, you can view and download our catalogues from the site.

Are you registered with the Ministry of Health?

Yes, we are authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Is there a minimum production batch?

25 kg will be enough for the traditional products. 50 kg for the organic or sugar-free products. From a minimum of 50 kg to 80 kg for supplements. Minimum quantity may be increased depending on the packaging

Is it possible to produce supplements in both hard and soft forms and candies with vitamins and mineral salts ?

Yes, we are able to offer a full service and solutions for individual customer requests thanks to our research and development team.

Do you make candy with syrups?

Yes we have been the pioneers in the productions of candies with syrups. Today we also make lollipops with organic syrups.

Do you have requests or suggestions?

Send us mail to
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