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The great granddaughter of the founder, Irene Fallani

A century-long history

The Fallani candy company was founded in Florence in 1926 by Lorenzo Fallani. In the ancient Florentine laboratory among the vapors and scents of cooked, processed and hand-pulled sugar, the first Fallani Barley candies came out, delicate and emollient, just as they did in the back of the Florentine pharmacies of that time. There is no grandfather in Tuscany who has not had them in his pocket and given to his grandson!
The company is now run by the great-granddaughter Irene Fallani, the fourth generation of the family. Fallani candy, simple, delicate, made of a few genuine ingredients, has been accompanying entire generations of families for almost a century and is as appreciated today as it was then. Our products have all the requirements to be real high quality candies, and have an extra gear: they are all cooked over a "direct fire", the most ancient and traditional cooking method that allows the sugar to caramelize, releasing aromas and unmistakable flavors. The market in recent years has become increasingly demanding and so the Fallani company, through organic certification, has been able to produce a wide range of registered products, even on request. It also managed to achieve IFS certification, FDA registration and last but not least, the production of functional sweets and food supplements to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding clientele accustomed to very high quality standards.
Our craftsmanship and passion has not changed over the years, indeed, it has remained our strength and is what still distinguishes us today. These characteristics allow us to offer a 360-degree service even for the most demanding consumer. In fact, we try to create products that our customers can boast of for having customized everything possible: recipe, wrapping, graphics, packaging. The result of years and years of preservation of our craftsmanship is the ability that allows us to combine flexibility in customization with a negligible quantity of production even for those who do not need large quantities of product; thus being able to create ad hoc candies in fields where until a few years ago it was unthinkable to have requests so different from the standard. An aspect that our customers seem to particularly appreciate.

Try our unmistakable goodness, you will be surprised by their quality.
The founder Lorenzo Fallani (picture of 1926)
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Awards and Acknowledgments

The fiorino d'oro - 2008
Città di Firenze Award - 1976
Diploma from an ancient artisan workshop
Fallani Caramelle dal 1926
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